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Fetchen Announces baby’s first fig leaf —“ Figgy”

Figgy cover is the first 100% cotton wrap for cloth diapers. Designed without Velcro, it has an adjustable center release buckle for ease of closure, plus plastic snaps for a second size adjustment. Gussets around the legs create a snug fit to stop leaks and blowouts. The inside is made of Epic by Nextec® --new water repellent, breathable 100% cotton. The outer fabric is color-grown organic cotton. The Figgy wrap is stylish and functional, but more important, it’s soft and comfortable for baby. Figgy can be machine washed and dried, and will retain its water repellent properties with repeated use. Made in four sizes, our wrap will cover any style of cloth diaper.


The dye-free fabric used in Fetchen products is better suited for baby’s tender skin. Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and is unbleached. Heritage cotton grows in a rich palette of colors: green, brown, white, chocolate, beige, red and mauve. Natural color-grown cotton increases in intensity with repeated washings, opposite of fading. Our color-grown organic cotton flannel is grown and milled in the U.S.A.

A few Figgy’s grow a long way!



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